Multi Zone Audio Player

Multi Zone Audio Player is not just another media player. It's a music control center for a whole facility or building with many rooms, halls, corridors or another zones. It' a reply for a need in a real application rather than simply a new idea. It's designed to work in professional and commercial environment, not just to entertain one person behind computer. Multi Room Audio Player is designed to play multiple sound tracks into many audio cards (or zones) simultaneously, with music organized into play-lists and/or play-schedules individually for every zone. You can remotely control all Multi Channel Sound System zones via a web browser. Here is an example audio zone control page.

With Multi Zone Audio Player, You can:
  • create as many zones as required, limited only by PC capacity;
  • assign every zone to a corresponding sound output device;
  • add tracks to zone playlist, open/save/merge playlists;
  • network control with access rights administration;
  • internet radio player;
  • full-featured media library and automatic playlist generator;
  • music library for easy indexing and search through your music collection;
  • flexible playlist generator with possibility to add advertisements, rotation and jingles;
  • separate equalizer for every zone;
  • events scheduler for each zone;
  • instant jingle hotkeys;
  • repeat all, repeat one, shuffle options;
  • drag & drop interface;
  • customize the windows layout for Your needs and specifics;
  • control every zone individually or all together at once.

Multi Zone Audio Player

Download Multi Zone Audio Player
version:, size: 11,7 MB

Some unique features, including:
  • support for in-built, semi-professional and pro sound cards;
  • zone\room control window for centralized monitor and control;
  • special design for reduced CPU time consumption and for playback reliability maximization;
  • designed in collaboration with professional sound engineers and installation contractors as a reply to the needs of musical control personnel (DJ's, creative supervisors, e t.c.) in a multizone environment.

Multi Zone Audio Player is a centralized music control suite for medium to large entertainment and sport centers, restaurants, theme parks, trade centers, clubs, e.t.c. It's both easy and advanced way to control background music in many different areas simultaneously. Manage playlists and schedules in real-time, without playback interruption. Monitor all or several zone players/playlists at once on a screen. Adapt the software for Your comfortability with multi- or single-window mode.Play all popular music file formats (mp3, wav, wma, ogg, flac etc), plus CD tracks and internet radio. Set scheduled events to perform, (e.g. play advertisement audio at 12:00, announce present time every hour, fade volume out or turn off at 11:30 pm).

Planned for future:
  • CD tracks player;
  • microphone management functionality for announcements;
  • various audio settings including pitch, tempo etc.;
  • "solo" function allowing monitoring music in zones locally from PC.